My Name is Michaela!

I'm a mother of 4 gorgeous babies, as well as a wife and a Registered Nurse. This means I am trained, vaccinated accordingly and certified to handle your babies with the utmost care and consideration. My assistants Simone & Jade are also trained and educated to fullfill their job roles to the max!

My 'working' days are strictly Monday, Thursday and Friday. 

Sadly due to my other two jobs - a Registered Nurse and a Mummy of 4 - my weekends are already full.

However, if you MUST have a weekend session, we offer 4 seasonal weekend mini session per year, correlating with the current season! Stay tuned as these sell out FAST!

We have just released our SPRING MINI SESSIONS due to take place late September.

We now plan on holding these sessions annually- so when these sessions come up- grab one! You wont want to miss it!

My passion for photography, and in particular capturing Newborns, Infants, Children and Families, like many photographers, stemmed from the moment I became a mother myself. Cliche i know. 

But, unfortunately my passion is unique, in that our first born baby boy was stillborn some 10 years ago. This heartbreaking circumstance ultimately, after time, allowed my artistic passion to grow into photography realising that sometimes we only get one opportunity to capture those once in a lifetime moments. This inspiration allows me to always be patient, creative and understand the investment families make in order to have these beautiful memories captured for them.

I hold over 8 years years of experience and knowledge of the industry and I have invested uncountable dollars and hours of study and research into DSLR photography, as well as attended a number of newborn and childhood photography workshops around Australia including that of Jinky Art, Tory D and Dewdrops by Amy McDaniels. These world renowned photographers are a huge inspiration to my style and are a glimmer of where I hope to be myself one day.

And if your looking for 'cheap', or 'just a few images', I'm not your photographer, but I'd love to steer you in the right direction of those who may be!

Every year OMGimagery donates time, vouchers, sessions and products exceeding $2,000.

Local and previous clients get priority over these donations as it's very common to receive emails requesting assistance in such fundraising events. We love and are honoured to be a part of each and every donation!! We also love to be asked by 'work experience' students to come and see how a real photography studio operates! So please, if this is you, swing us a message!

Feel free pop over and view our gallery of images and imagine them as your own. We have a great range of print products in our studio to view during your session and I'm here to help you decide what will best suit your home and package needs.


I look forward to meeting you and being given this amazing opporunity to capture this special time in your life.

Michaela x

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Contact me

m. 0439 564 552

e. omgimagery@hotmail.com


204 Maiden Gully Rd

Maiden Gully, Victoria